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Unofficially Supported Devices


In this page, there are kernels for non-GKI devices supporting KernelSU maintained by other developers.


This page is only for you to find the source code corresponding to your device, it does NOT mean that the source code has been reviewed by KernelSU Developers. You should use it at your own risk.

MaintainerRepositorySupport devices
diphonsD8G_Kernel_oxygenPoco F3: alioth | Poco F4: munch | MI10T/PRO: Apollo
diphonsD8G_Kernel_SM8150Poco X3 Pro: Vayu | Bhima
diphonsD8G_Kernel_SDM845Poco F1 | MI8 | MiMix2S
diphonsD8G_Kernel_MarblePoco F5 | Redmi Note 12 Turbo | Marble
th1nhhdkandroid_kernel_sony_sm8250-kernelsuSony Xperia 1 II | Sony Xperia 5 II
akash07knexus_kernel_xiaomi_sm8250Poco F4: munch
HMTheBoy154Darkmatter-kernelGeneric x86_64 devices running Android-x86
Asuka-mioandroid_kernel_xiaomi_casMi 10 Ultra: cas
YamazakuraHkernel_xiaomi_cepheuscepheus for pixel experience
SakuraNotStupidandroid_kernel_xiaomi_sdm710Xiaomi MI 8 SE(sirius/xmsirius)
Aquarius223(paper)android_kernel_xiaomi_msm8998MI 6 (sagit) and MIX 2 (chiron) for LineageOS
SlackerStateandroid_kernel_xiaomi_sm6150Redmi K30 4G (phoenix)
RooGhz720kernel_xiaomi_sm6150REDMI NOTE 10 PRO (sweet)
OnlyTomInSecondandroid_kernel_xiaomi_sdm845Mi 8 (dipper) for LineageOS
Rohail33RealKing KernelApollo(Redmi K30S Ultra/Mi 10T/Mi 10T Pro),Alioth(Redmi K40/POCO F3/Mi 11X),Munch(Redmi K40S/POCO F4), both MIUI and AOSP.
lateautumn233android_kernel_oneplus_sm8250OnePlus 8 Serials
Sreeshankar KNeverSettle KernelOnePlus Nord (avicii)
Molyuuneko_kernel_xiaomi_gauguinRedmi Note 9 Pro/ Mi 10T Lite/ Mi 10i
guh0613android_kernel_oppo_sm8150OPPO Reno Ace (OP4A89)
LeviMarvinandroid_kernel_xiaomi_aliothRedmi K40 / POCO F3
cibimokernel_xiaomi_raphael_ksuXiaomi Redmi K20 Pro / Mi 9T Pro (raphael)
EndCreditskernel_xiaomi_sm7250Redmi K30 5G ( picasso ) , Redmi K30i 5G ( picasso_48m)
msnxandroid-msm-coral-4.14-android13Pixel 4 XL
SoDebugkernel_xiaomi_raphaelXiaomi Redmi K20 Pro / Mi 9T Pro (raphael)
H1mJTkernel_realme_RMX1901Realme X (RMX1901/RMX1901CN)
SonalSingh18android_kernel_xiaomi_sm6250Miatoll [curtana, excalibur, gram, joyeuse]
RooGhz720kernel_xiaomi_lavenderRedmi Note 7 (Lavender)
JunASAKAkernel_google_msm-4.9_KernelSUGoogle Pixel 3a & 3a XL (sargo & bonito)
RooGhz720kernel_asus_X01BDAsus Zenfone Max Pro M1/M2
Evans Mikekernel_xiaomi_raphael_bool-xXiaomi Redmi K20 Pro / Mi 9T Pro (raphael)
easterNdayKSU_Thyme_BuildBotXiaomi 10S
tedomi2705kernel_xiaomi_sdm660Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro (tulip)
RyuujiXandroid_kernel_asus_sdm660-4.19Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 (X00TD)/ M2 (X01BD) (Linux 4.19)
liqidecgandroid_kernel_xiaomi_sdm710Mi 8 SE (sirius) (Linux 4.9)
Abdelhay-Aliandroid_kernel_huawei_hi6250Huawei P20 lite (hi6250) (Linux 4.9)
reocatandroid_kernel_nokia_sdm660_ksuNokia 6.1 (2018)
Tuan Anhkernel_nokia_msm8998Nokia 8 (Repartitioned)/8 Sirocco (NLA/A1N)
bggRGjQaUbCoEandroid_kernel_samsung_sm8250Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G (y2q)
SOVIET-ANDROIDkernel_xiaomi_raphaelXK20 Pro Raphael DSP & A only SAR support
dabao1955android_kernel_OPPO_PEQM00MediaTek devices in the OPPO Reno series on ColorOS13.x
Aflaungosandroid_kernel_motorola_msm8998Moto G6 Plus (evert)
TheNoFacekernel_oneplus_msm8998OnePlus 5/5T (cheeseburger/dumpling)
Nipin NA (Joker-V2)Xcalibur kernel (violet)Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro (violet)
Sr-Hankernel_xiaomi_mojitoRedmi Note 10 (Sunny/Mojito)
rushiranpiseandroid_kernel_samsung_exynos9610_mintKernel 4.14.194 exynos9610 Non-GKI Device, Added KernelSu using manual method
CN-Scarspixel_experience_kernel_xiaomi_sm8250_kernelSUPixel Experience Kernel 4.19.282 for Xiaomi Redmi K40S / Xiaomi Poco F4 (munch)
exerMiyo TokuSony Tama (akari, apollo, aurora, akatsuki) (Linux 4.9)
likkaiQuicksilver KernelXiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE (lisa)
awakened1712android_kernel_samsung_exynos9820Samsung S10/N10
awakened1712android_kernel_oneplus_sm8350Oneplus 9/9Pro
siimsekLightning KernelXiaomi Redmi Note 8/8T (ginkgo/willow)
GiovanYCringekernel_a50Galaxy A50 (A505f,fn,g,gn,gt)
Asriadi Rahimandroid_kernel_google_wahooGoogle Pixel 2/2XL
Flameandroid_kernel_xiaomi_sm8250POCO F3/Redmi K40/Mi 11X (alioth)
DawfukFRkernel_oneplus_sm8250 (Stellaris-Kernel)Oneplus 8 (Instantnoodle), Oneplus 8T (Kebab), Oneplus 8 Pro (Instantnoodlep), Oneplus 9R (lemonades) [msm-4.19]
Tejas Singhkernel_xiaomi_ginkgo (Cuh Kernel)Xiaomi Redmi Note 8/8T (ginkgo/willow)
Coconutatandroid_kernel_xiaomi_ruby_expRedmi Note 12 Pro / Pro+ For MIUI 14
Coconutatandroid_kernel_xiaomi_sdm845_byd_expXiaomi Mi 8 Pro(UD)[equuleus]/Explorer Edition[ursa]
Abdul Wahid Khankernel_xiaomi_begoniaRedmi Note 8 Pro (Begonia/Begoniain)
zfdx123kernel_xiaomi_aliothRedmi K40 (alioth)
wxt1221android_kernel_oneplus_sdm845Oneplus 6 (enchilada) | Oneplus 6T (fajita) with no Retrofit Dynamic Partitions
zlm324android_kernel_xiaomi_msm8998_ksua lineage kernel forked from LineageOS official repository, version 4.4.302, added ksu.
zlm324android_kernel_xiaomi_msm8953_ksuXiaomi 5X (tiffany)
Vincent4440android_kernel_xiaomi_sm8250Poco F4: munch
tiandoufayaleandroid_kernel_samsung_sm8250Samsung Tab S7 WIFI(T870)
starmoeandroid_kernel_oneplus_msm8998Oneplus 5/5T, kernel version 4.4.302
supechickenkernel_xiaomi_sm8350 Xiaomi 11T Pro (vili)
Vaz15kkernelSU-A70qSamsung Galaxy A70 ( A705MN / A705FN )
whyakariandroid_kernel_xiaomi_ginkgoXiaomi Redmi Note 8/8T (ginkgo/willow)
wulan17android_kernel_xiaomi_mt6765Redmi 6/6A (cereus/cactus)
officialputuidandroid_kernel_realme_mt6785Realme 6/6i(Indian)/6s/7/Narzo/Narzo 20 Pro/Narzo 30 4G (RM6785)
liquidprjktliquid_kernel_realme_evenRealme C25/s and Narzo50A (even)
CoolestEnochkernel-su-huawei-nova2Huawei nova 2 (pic)
BlackMesa123android_kernel_samsung_sm7325Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G (a52sxq)
BlackMesa123android_kernel_samsung_sm7325Samsung Galaxy M52 5G (m52xq)
A-JiuAsirius_KernelXiaomi MI 8 SE(MIUI12/12.5)
picasso09KernelSU-RM6765RRealme C11 12 15 (RM6765)
QKIvanandroid_kernel_google_redbullGoogle Pixel 4a 5G & 5 (bramble & redfin)

Released under the GPL3 License.