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Unofficially Supported Devices


In this page, there are kernels for non-GKI devices supporting KernelSU maintained by other developers.


This page is only for you to find the source code corresponding to your device, it does NOT mean that the source code has been reviewed by KernelSU Developers. You should use it at your own risk.

MaintainerRepositorySupport devices
SpectreDev-007kernel_sony_sm8250Sony sm8250 device
akash07knexus_kernel_xiaomi_sm8250Poco F4: munch
HMTheBoy154Darkmatter-kernelGeneric x86_64 devices running Android-x86
Vincent4440noxious_kernel_xiaomi_sm8250Poco F4: munch
Asuka-mioandroid_kernel_xiaomi_casMi 10 Ultra: cas
YamazakuraHkernel_xiaomi_cepheuscepheus for pixel experience
SakuraNotStupidandroid_kernel_xiaomi_sdm710Xiaomi MI 8 SE(sirius/xmsirius)
Aquarius223(paper)android_kernel_xiaomi_msm8998MI 6 (sagit) and MIX 2 (chiron) for LineageOS
SlackerStateandroid_kernel_xiaomi_sm6150Redmi K30 4G (phoenix)
RooGhz720Aghisna_Sweet_KernelREDMI NOTE 10 PRO (sweet)
OnlyTomInSecondandroid_kernel_xiaomi_sdm845Mi 8 (dipper) for LineageOS
WeeArisRealking_su_xiaomi_sm8250Apollo(Redmi K30S Ultra/Mi 10T/Mi 10T Pro),Alioth(Redmi K40/POCO F3/Mi 11X),Munch(Redmi K40S/POCO F4), repo for AOSP only.
lateautumn233android_kernel_oneplus_sm8250OnePlus 8 Serials
Molyuuneko_kernel_xiaomi_gauguinRedmi Note 9 Pro/ Mi 10T Lite/ Mi 10i
guh0613android_kernel_oppo_sm8150OPPO Reno Ace (OP4A89)
LeviMarvinkernel_xiaomi_aliothRedmi K40 / POCO F3
cibimokernel_xiaomi_raphael_ksuXiaomi Redmi K20 Pro / Mi 9T Pro (raphael)
EndCreditskernel_xiaomi_sm7250Redmi K30 5G ( picasso ) , Redmi K30i 5G ( picasso_48m)
msnxandroid-msm-coral-4.14-android13Pixel 4 XL
SoDebugkernel_xiaomi_raphaelXiaomi Redmi K20 Pro / Mi 9T Pro (raphael)
rxuglrandroid_kernel_xiaomi_suryaXiaomi POCO X3 / NFC (surya)
H1mJTkernel_realme_RMX1901Realme X (RMX1901/RMX1901CN)
SonalSingh18android_kernel_xiaomi_sm6250.gitMiatoll [curtana, excalibur, gram, joyeuse]
RooGhz720kernel_xiaomi_lavenderRedmi Note 7 (Lavender)
JunASAKAkernel_google_msm-4.9_KernelSUGoogle Pixel 3a & 3a XL (sargo & bonito)
RooGhz720kernel_asus_X01BDAsus Zenfone Max Pro M1/M2

Released under the GPL3 License.