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Does KernelSU support my device?

First, your devices should be able to unlock the bootloader. If it can't, then it is unsupported.

Then install KernelSU manager App to your device and open it, if it shows Unsupported then your device cannot be supported out of box, but you can build kernel source and integrate KernelSU to make it work or using unofficially-support-devices.

Does KernelSU need to unlock Bootloader?

Certainly, yes.

Does KernelSU support modules?

Yes, But it is in early version, it may be buggy. Please wait for it to be stable 😃

Does KernelSU support Xposed?

Yes, Dreamland and TaiChi work now. For LSPosed, you can make it work by Zygisk on KernelSU

Does KernelSU support Zygisk?

KernelSU has no builtin Zygisk support, but you can use Zygisk on KernelSU instead.

Is KernelSU compatible with Magisk?

KernelSU's module system is conflict with Magisk's magic mount, if there is any module enabled in KernelSU, then the whole Magisk would not work.

But if you only use the su of KernelSU, then it will work well with Magisk: KernelSU modify the kernel and Magisk modify the ramdisk, they can work together.

Will KernelSU substitute Magisk?

We don't think so and it's not our goal. Magisk is good enough for userspace root solution and it will live long. KernelSU's goal is to provide a kernel interface to users, not substituting Magisk.

Can KernelSU support non GKI devices?

It is possible. But you should download the kernel source and intergrate KernelSU to the source tree and compile the kernel yourself.

Can KernelSU support devices below Android 12?

It is device's kernel that affect KernelSU's compatability and it has nothing to do with Android version.The only restriction is that devices launched with Android 12 must be kernel 5.10+(GKI devices). So:

  1. Devices launched with Android 12 must be supported.
  2. Devices with has an old kernel (Some Android 12 devices is also old kernel) is compatable (You should build kernel yourself)

Can KernelSU support old kernel?

It is possible, KernelSU is backported to kernel 4.14 now, for older kernel, you need to backport it manully and PRs welcome!

How to integrate KernelSU for old kernel?

Please refer guide

Why my Android version is 13, and the kernel shows "android12-5.10"?

The Kernel version has nothing to do with Android version, if you need to flash kernel, always use the kernel version, Android version is not so important.

Is there any --mount-master/global mount namespace in KernelSU?

There isn't now(maybe in the future), But there are many ways to switch to global mount namespace manully, such as:

  1. nsenter -t 1 -m sh to get a shell in global mount namespace.
  2. Add nsenter --mount=/proc/1/ns/mnt to the command you want to execute, then the command is executed in global mount namespace. KernelSU is also using this way

I am GKI1.0, can i use this?

GKI1 is completely different from GKI2, you must compile kernel by yourself.

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